Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pumpkin Love

It's my favorite season and the yearly pumpkin obsession has begun!
This is the time of year I come to life.  The oppressive heat has lifted and I can finally wear boots again (my shoe of choice).  I can spend time outdoors enjoying the crisp air and amazing colors without melting. 
And Dunkin Donuts brings back their Pumpkin Coffee.   
Boots and Pumpkin Coffee...what could be better?!

Every Fall I feel the need to feed my pumpkin obsession. 
Last year I bought this amazing face scrub by BellaRoma...

It seriously smells so good you will want to lick your own face. 

I also bought one of these kick ass hand blown glass pumpkins from my friend Angela's shop, A&J Jewelry Designs.

These are so beautifully made that I kept mine out all year. 
He may need a new friend soon though :)

This year I bought this ridiculously delicious smelling candle from Anhoki's Place.

It's natural, organic, and makes my place smell like I actually baked something (ha!)

And how cool is this?!
I've purchased a few amazing products from Wicked Soaps in the past and just stumbled upon this.I've always loved horror and creepy stuff and was fascinated by Ichabod Crane as a child. 
This is so going in my cart!

So take a minute and enjoy this season.  Before you know it we'll be all bundled up and complaining about the cold. 
Happy Fall Everyone!!!!

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