Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sometimes it takes a week in the hospital...

Yes, I know I've been totally MIA lately.  But life has been kinda crazy.

It all started with a bullying incident involving two thugs.  Then a couple of life changing events (good ones, but still stressful) one creepy loser, several trips to the vet, a serious case of foot in mouth disease, and finally a week-long hospital stay.  Woohoo!!

Not only have these things left me with no time to design new jewelry (i will again soon, i promise!) they've also made me realize how amazingly blessed I am. 
Look, crappy things are always going to happen, it's just how you deal with them that matters. 

The bullying thugs and creepy loser incidents could have been much worse and turned physical.  But they didn't. 
The life changing events and pet health issues could have went in a totally different direction.  But they didn't.
I apologized and managed to diffuse the foot in mouth situation before it became a whole thing.  It could've went much worse.  But it didn't.
And then there was the hospital stay.  It was seriously the most miserable, painful experience I've ever been through, it was major. 
I could have died. 
But I didn't.

And I'm so incredibly thankful.

I was in a dark place.  But sometimes that's what it takes to bring you out of your complacency and closer to God.

Eeek!  Looking pretty rough.
Feeling much better now!