Sunday, January 23, 2011

How I Popped My Cherry

How I popped my cherry...I'm talking about jewelry here people geez!! My very first piece of jewelry actually wasn't so bad. I've made plenty of hideous things since then, but that's typical for me. I almost always have beginner's luck. My first piece was these earrings.

My photography skills definitely needed some work, but the earrings weren't half bad. I remember sawing them from sterling sheet, hammering them, cutting the chain, and putting it all together with jump rings. I was so incredibly proud that I made something that was actually wearable. Then my friend Jenn saw them and insisted that I make some for her. I couldn't believe someone wanted to pay me money for this! Everything I've done since then I owe to her. She convinced me that I had a talent and I had to pursue it. So, thank you Jennifer Barrett for all your love and support. If not for you I would still be making things and hiding them in my drawer.

Now for the really bad stuff that is still hiding in my drawer and should stay there forever.

And yes, there were headbands displayed on notebook paper.

If this wasn't enough terrible newbie work for you to laugh at check out some of my teamies earlier works too...