Monday, March 21, 2011

This Is How I Do It

Typically when I'm banging away at the bench I have my ipod on shuffle.  The usuals are Rage Against The Machine, Alice in Chains, Sublime, and Korn.  My ipod just seems to like these best, but sometimes a random Beastie Boys or Sting song gets thrown into the mix.  Then I'll get tired of this and switch to something jammy like Allman Brothers, Grateful Dead, Rusted Root,  or Phish.  And then finally bring it down with some John Mayer, Bob Dylan, or Van Morrison. 

These are my jams, what gets me moving, motivates me, inspires me, and sets my mood. 

But then there are the other days.  The days when I don't really feel like listening to music.  The days when I need mind numbing reality television to soothe my soul.  Yep, day-long marathons of Jersey Shore, Teen Mom, Kourtney and Kim or Kourtney and Khloe or some sort of Kardashian, and Bad Girls Club.  I'm  not proud of it, but I can't help it.  Please don't know you do it too.

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