Saturday, February 9, 2013

My Skull Obsession

I've always liked creepy stuff.  Vampires, Edgar Allan Poe, spiders, skulls and just macabre in general. 
I was secretly hoping to meet a vampire boyfriend loooong before the Twilight sensation. 
I took 'The Tell-Tale Heart' to bed with me as a kid.  You know, for some light reading material. 
I have a strict catch and release policy when it comes to spiders (no stomping them!)
And I've been drawing, wearing, and decorating with skulls since before I can remember.

So when Target started carrying skull socks, little froo froo dogs were sporting skull sweaters, and skulls popped up on bibs and diapers I realized skulls had officially hit mainstream.
I gotta say I was kind of bummed.  My fear was that once the novelty wore off they would be seen as outdated and I would be like one of those people who still pegged their jeans in 1996 (we all know this went out of style at least by 1994). 

But alas, I believe the skull is here to stay! 
Thank God because lately that seems like all I've been making in my jewelry world. 

Dainty Skulls

Mohawk Skull

Guitar Pick Skull

Big skulls, tiny skulls, mohawk skulls, and even musically inclined skulls.   

And I'm sure many more skulls to come.  So even if the world falls out of love with the skull, I don't really care.  I'll still be rocking them...and I know a few of you will too. 

ps~ i'm totally one of those people who put a skull sweater on my froo froo dog :/