Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pumpkin Love

It's my favorite season and the yearly pumpkin obsession has begun!
This is the time of year I come to life.  The oppressive heat has lifted and I can finally wear boots again (my shoe of choice).  I can spend time outdoors enjoying the crisp air and amazing colors without melting. 
And Dunkin Donuts brings back their Pumpkin Coffee.   
Boots and Pumpkin Coffee...what could be better?!

Every Fall I feel the need to feed my pumpkin obsession. 
Last year I bought this amazing face scrub by BellaRoma...

It seriously smells so good you will want to lick your own face. 

I also bought one of these kick ass hand blown glass pumpkins from my friend Angela's shop, A&J Jewelry Designs.

These are so beautifully made that I kept mine out all year. 
He may need a new friend soon though :)

This year I bought this ridiculously delicious smelling candle from Anhoki's Place.

It's natural, organic, and makes my place smell like I actually baked something (ha!)

And how cool is this?!
I've purchased a few amazing products from Wicked Soaps in the past and just stumbled upon this.I've always loved horror and creepy stuff and was fascinated by Ichabod Crane as a child. 
This is so going in my cart!

So take a minute and enjoy this season.  Before you know it we'll be all bundled up and complaining about the cold. 
Happy Fall Everyone!!!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Procrastinate...who me?

Tomorrow September 6th, 2012 is National Fight Procrastination Day.
I had no idea either, but apparently this is a real thing.

I am the self-declared queen of procrastination!  I will wait and wait and wait until I'm totally stressed out.  But that's when I do my best work.  I just can't seem to get anything done if I try to do it right away.  I'm sure it annoys those type A personalities out there but I just can't help it. 

Like today, for instance.  I've been meaning to do this thing for the longest time.  I decided today would be the day.  I'm not sure why I chose today but I did.  And of course, here it is after 8pm and I just now finished it. 
But it's a really cool thing and I'm super excited!

I enrolled in classes at The Gemological Institute of America!!
I'll be working towards receiving a Graduate Gemologist Diploma. 

Me hard at work on the GIA website. 
Well, not really working yet since I just enrolled, but humor me.

I know I'm not alone in my procrastination.  I know there are others of you out there that totally get me.  We may wait until the last minute, but we will always get it done. 
And usually better than everyone else anyway ;)