Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Trash Metal Collection

So what's been keeping me so busy the past few months that I couldn't find time to post anything new? My Trash Metal Collection! This collection consists of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, etc...in sterling silver and copper. Some are personalized with hand stamped names, dates, and sayings. Some have custom logos or designs soldered to the piece. But they are all Trashed. Trashed means that I do a number of sadistic mean things to the metal which may consist of stabbing, smashing, or filing...just to name a few. Whatever methods I use, the result is that the poor metal has literally been beaten to hell. This process is done entirely by hand which means that every piece is unique. They might not be perfect but that's the point. We are all originals with flaws, dents, and a few shiny spots. My jewelry is meant to celebrate that.

A big thanks goes out to all my Trashed friends! Without you I would never have the inspiration to create these pieces.

Erik Rudd of Bigg E Productions

Theresa Ciarlone of 13 Couture

Chad Mercurio of Live Image Assassins

Kristina Mecke of My NY Flair

Adrienne & Ariel Weber

Angie Adkins

Danielle Guidice

Deborah Pantano

Karen Huffman

and on and on and on...

Contact me at autumnbradleyinc@gmail.com for your own custom piece.