Raised in Ohio but residing in New York City for the better part of her adult life, Autumn Bradley spent the last decade as a design consultant working with some of NYC’s most prominent designers, architects and developers in creating beautiful spaces. She is now the evil genius behind Autumn Bradley Collections - a chic revolutionary brand born of a desire to craft distinctive pieces of jewelry that truly embody individual expression.

Autumn is able to craft her work through a liberal perspective fueled by a juxtaposition of life experiences. She is at once a little bit country and a little bit rock ‘n roll so it’s only fitting that her work knows no boundaries and defies classification. Her pieces run the gamut from delicate and glamorous to raucous and naughty.

In a world of monotonous assembly line fabrication it is refreshing to bear witness to an artist who does not strive to create the perfect mold but instead views a mold as a barrier to creative autonomy. Too often we see distinguished designs that are refined and perfected, only to be copied, reproduced countless times until they become diluted. Here is a creator who understands that grandeur is inherent to inimitability.

Each piece is fabricated by hand using such raw materials as sterling silver, copper, brass, and precious stones. Tools and techniques such as torching, soldering, hammering and “trashing” are deliberately utilized to ensure that no two pieces of jewelry are indistinguishable. Autumn respects that every client has his or her own individuality thus each piece should possess its own eccentricities.

There is a certain authenticity about Autumn that is reflected in her work. It is this genuineness that has enabled Autumn Bradley Collections to be so desirable. This is exemplified by one of her recent and most uniquely innovative lines, the Trash Metal Collection®, which has been strongly embraced by both clients and industry artisans alike. During the conception of the line a technique called “trashing” was formulated in which a series of sadistic techniques are brutally applied to a naive piece of metal until the sum of its imperfections equate to perfection.  The technique known as “trashing” was coined by Autumn herself and has recently been trademarked under the Autumn Bradley Inc brand.    --by Drew Vandewart