Monday, November 28, 2011

My Style Rocks

You know that friend who will tell you the truth when you ask "do I look fat in this?"
The one who will make sure you look smoking hot when you go out together because she's not a jealous biotch? 
The one you actually want to go shopping with?
I have this friend and her name is Jennifer Barrett. 

Jennifer owns a company called My Style Rocks.  Not only does she sell kick ass clothes and accessories on her website, she makes house calls!  She can organize your closet, style you for a special occasion, or totally revamp your look.  And she's so not one of those annoying salespeople who are all "oh my god, that looks AHmazing on you!", when you totally have muffin top and know that's not true.

Jennifer can also help you pick out some killer gifts for the holidays.  Check out her site and don't forget the fanpage for deals and exclusives on looks like these...