Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Oh to Dream...

One can never learn too much right? So, I've been thinking about what skill I want to learn next. I've decided it's wax carving/casting. I have so many design ideas and most of them would involve using this technique. So, if Santa or anyone out there feels like helping a starving artist I would make you a kick ass piece of jewelry using my newly learned technique :) from this studio


And if you're feeling extra generous check out what skills my Aspiring Metalsmiths teammates are dying to learn and hook them up with some classes too...

Pennee http://allwiredupjewelrydesigns.blogspot.com/

Gayle http://thisartistsjourney.blogspot.com/

Jessica http://www.abellablue.com/blog

Sylvia Anderson http://www.sylviaanderson.blogspot.com/

Scrollwork Designs http://www.thesquarepegnation.blogspot.com/

Claire http://brightstar109.blogspot.com/

Carole http://www.caroleaxiumdesigns.com/journal/

Heather http://mistyridgedesigns.blogspot.com/

Brandy http://thefrogspond.wordpress.com/

Esmeralda (Silver Blueberry) http://jewelry-by-silverblueberry.blogspot.com/

Stacy http://formandfunktionaccessories.blogspot.com/

Steph Stargell Designs http://stephstargell.com/


  1. Hi Autumn! Wax carving and casting would be one of my dreams but for way in my future. I'm still learning the basics, but when I get to that point, maybe you'll be teaching clasees, and I can be your first student!

  2. Nice choice! I'd love to learn this too. It's just that I wouldn't know where to get it cast.

  3. Ohh... this would be fun! My list of things I want to learn just keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger.